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Online Games

Online gaming is one of the most common uses of the World Wide Web. Ever since the early days of internet, even when the connection was slow and expensive, online games were extremely popular among children and adults as one. The improvement of online games is parallel to the technology development. If once there was only a limited supply of online games, the graphics was poor and the sound affects were annoying, today’s picture is different.

Nowadays, the selection of online games is almost endless. The supply of games in an average online gaming portal ranges from single player games where you play against the computer to multi player games in which you can compete with hundreds of real players from different parts of the world; from online versions of classic video games to sophisticated real-time strategy games; from online games that were designed to help you pass few moments of boredom to games you can play for a whole day, pause and continue the next day.

Additionally, the sights and sounds of the online games have evolved radically. The graphics, animations and sound of the browser games (flash or java based games that can be played directly on the browser) are still simple comparing to the massive multiplayer online games (for example, Second Life, World of Warcraft, EverQuest, etc), in which the graphics and animations are photorealistic.

Despite the evolution of online games, or maybe because of it, people are still drawn to online games such as card games (poker etc.), board games(backgammon online or chess) and sports games, the same familiar games used to be played almost by anyone, everywhere in the world, with or without a computer and an internet connection, but their online versions are more accessible, easy to use and available 24/7.

Some of the leading online games platforms are:

Yahoo! Games

Yahoo! Games offers over 430 online games including more than 100 arcade games, about 30 multi player games, variety of video games, card game, board games and more. In order to play in Yahoo! Games, you must have a Yahoo I.D. Many of Yahoo! Games are web games that can be played directly on the browser. Most of Yahoo! download Games offer a free trial version and a possibility to play online with limited features.

MSN games

MSN games is a large gaming portal that offers both free online games, download games, messenger games and online games that can be played for cash. MSN games offers online games in variety of genres including puzzles, trivia, card games, board games, arcade games, casino games and pop culture games. Anyone can play at MSN games; however, registered members can take part in multi player games and enjoy other benefits.


:Miniclip is one of the biggest and most popular gaming portals in the world. Miniclip is a multilingual site available in 10 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, and more. Miniclip has action games, multi player games, sports games and puzzle games as well as cash games such as pool, chess, gin rummy, mahjong and more. All of Miniclip online games can be played directly in a web browser.


:Pogo is an online gaming portal with hundreds of free web games and downloadable games including sport games, card games, action games, etc. Pogo also has one of the largest gamers’ communities online with more than 100,000 players at peak time. Pogo also has about 16 original games. Pogo games include a free trail version with limited features.


:OnlineGames offers almost 700free online games and community forums. Some of OnlineGames unique features include variety of pinball games, lots of shooting games and retro games such as Frogger, Minesweeper and Pacman. No registration is required; Flash/Shockwave or Java plugins are required for the download games.


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